What is a CEE Resource?

What is a CEE Resource?

When CEE members adopt an initiative, CEE supports member efforts by providing program resources.

What's a CEE initiative?

CEE initiatives reflect the collective wisdom of CEE members and are designed to assist program administrators in meeting their savings targets by influencing binational markets. Initially, members follow the CEE process to scrutinize an opportunity. Opportunities that survive to become initiatives take the form of a program template that can be voluntarily adopted by efficiency program administrators for use in local programming. In support of an initiative, CEE may develop other resources. While each initiative description is particular to an opportunity, in general it lays out goals, scope, and market conditions.

How does CEE support initiatives?

As an organization, CEE supports initiatives that members adopt in ways that match their own conditions. Through member adoption, the market for more efficient products and services grows. Initiatives are supported in three likely ways.

How does CEE generally support initiatives?


Within the context of an initiative, CEE specifications set tiers, or definitions of energy performance, for a product or service. The initiative scopes other aspects, such as variation in performance related to weather. The tier strategy becomes the basis for market transformation. An initiative may require more than one specification. For example, the CEESM Residential Heating and Cooling Systems Initiative has specifications for both equipment and quality installation.

If products are important to the initiative, how can efficiency program administrators quickly see a list of the efficient ones?

Qualifying Product List

While CEE does not test or certify products, manufacturers respond to CEE specifications by submitting lists of products they claim meet CEE tiers. CEE compiles manufacturer submissions into qualifying product lists that CEE members may reference when implementing and administering programs.

Which CEE members have adopted initiatives?

Program Summary

Periodically, CEE queries members to gather data about their particular program and how they've adopted the initiative to work within their local goals and conditions. Along with other details, program summaries may include information about rebates and incentives, or which products are supported in which jurisdictions.

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