Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies

The CEE Emerging Technologies Collaborative (ETC) was launched in 2011 with the goal of accelerating consideration and adoption of emerging opportunities (EOs) into energy programs and the market and increasing the effectiveness of CEE members’ EO programs. ETC participants include ET program directors, managers, and staff from organizations sponsoring the ETC—all with direct responsibility for ET programs or for incorporating ET into programs. These organizations represent over 40 million electric customers and over 24 million gas customers across North America, with energy efficiency programs ranging from residential whole house to industrial motor systems.

Together, ETC sponsors:

  • Enable efficient and effective transfer of information on EO assessments to support individual and collective consideration of EOs
  • Leverage connections with CEE program committees and industry partners to incubate EOs
  • Enable more effective use of EO program resources
  • Influence the content and framework of a central repository of EO assessments conducted in the US and Canada

The ETC provides a valuable resource to CEE members when conducting their own assessments. Benefits of ETC sponsorship include:

More effective use of emerging opportunities resources:

  • Assessing technologies faster and more effectively
  • Leveraging the EO resources of other ETC sponsors

Knowledge sharing and collaboration:

  • Understanding assessment and program efforts undertaken by other ETC sponsors
  • Participating in ETC discussions with fellow sponsors to research the most timely and relevant EOs in the US and Canada
  • Gaining information from ET departments, program implementers and industry partners (e.g., manufacturers, trade associations, and other related energy efficiency organizations)
  • Finding opportunities for ETC sponsors to partner on EO assessments

Greater emerging opportunity program impact:

  • Moving markets faster through voluntary adoption of EOs into programs
  • Providing the opportunity to set the binational program agenda for EOs

For more information about this project or sponsorship, please contact Adam Cornelius at acornelius@cee1.org.

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