Commercial Kitchen Dishwasher Specification

Commercial Kitchen Dishwasher Specification

The CEESM Commercial Kitchens Initiative was launched in 2005 to support clear and credible marketplace definitions for highly efficient energy and water performance in cooking, refrigeration, and sanitation equipment. Through this Initiative, CEE maintains specifications for nine commercial kitchen equipment categories.

CEE has suspended the specification for commercial dishwashers as of October 18, 2017 for two reasons. First, the ASTM test methods for commercial dishwashers were significantly revised in 2015 to better account for the total energy use of products and cover a broader set of product categories than the 2007 version, which the CEE specification references. Second, the ENERGY STAR specification for commercial dishwashers has grown into a trusted platform that meets program needs and has been voluntarily adopted by many CEE members as the performance criterion in their incentive programs. Additionally, CEE understands that US EPA intends to launch a revision to the ENERGY STAR specification for commercial dishwashers in 2017.

CEE will monitor this equipment category and work with commercial foodservice industry partners to identify future opportunities to differentiate and advance the availability of highly efficient commercial dishwashers.

The suspended specification is still accessible:

Currently, CEE supports and references the ENERGY STAR® commercial dishwashers and qualifying products list, which interested stakeholders can use to continue to identify highly efficient equipment.

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