August 04, 2018


August 4, 2018

The 2018 Emerging Opportunities Catalog is now available to CEE members. With the addition of the search capabilities that members requested, the Catalog provides a powerful tool for exploring new efficiency and demand response opportunities.

The CEE Catalog offers 1200 assessments organized into 230 projects contributed by 25 CEE members.

In addition to providing information about 1200 emerging opportunities projects that members are carrying out and new search features, the Emerging Technologies Collaborative (ETC) has integrated additional tools for members screening opportunities against consistent criteria and looking to find existing CEE committee resources. The end goal is to rapidly gain insight into emerging opportunities.

"With these upgrades, CEE members have even more power to quickly find emerging opportunity research that can accelerate individual and collective consideration of emerging opportunities," said Kim Erickson, ETC senior program manager.


The CEE Emerging Technologies Collaborative benefits members through facilitated learning, a process for identifying research gaps, leveraging each other's research, and influencing the work of CEE committees.

The Catalog is a directory of research from 25 American and Canadian energy efficiency programs that enables CEE members to benefit from each other’s work and focus their own efforts by identifying completed and active research on new technologies and opportunities. Since the release, CEE has offered orientations to members that provide an overview of the Catalog contents and demonstrate different ways to sort and filter information. CEE members and committees leverage the Catalog to inform future research and advance new opportunities into CEE initiatives and programs.


The CEE Board of Directors recognized the value ETC provides when they approved the next two-year business plan this past spring. Looking ahead to 2019 and 2020, the ETC is building on the foundation it laid over the last eight years by exploring the potential to collectively consider and prioritize emerging opportunity project proposals from external stakeholders.

"We’re now exploring the potential to engage technology developers. The goal is to identify, prioritize, and collaborate on projects to accelerate development and commercialize emerging opportunities," Erickson added.


CEE members can schedule a call to learn strategies for extracting pertinent information about emerging opportunity assessments and pilots in the Catalog to accelerate consideration of new program opportunities—request your own orientation!

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