Strategic Energy Management Platform

The CEE Strategic Energy Management (SEM) Initiative provides a consistent framework to analyze the experiences of over 1000 C&I customers participating in member SEM programs. At CEE, member program administrators partner with SEM practitioners, share lessons learned, and identify market strategies for energy management that can be applied at scale.

To extend the merits of SEM to greater numbers of commercial and industrial customers, CEE is leveraging long-standing relationships with the HVAC, lighting, motors, and other industries to specify energy performance and connected functionalities that support customer and grid-side benefits.


Additional C&I accomplishments include:

  • In 2017, members engaged industry partners to define energy management system capabilities that support member SEM program objectives and enhance operational energy savings.
  • Priming the market for new air conditioner and heat pump standards that are expected to result in national savings of 14.8 quads between 2018 and 2048, with a net present value of $15.2 billion.
  • Rallying member support behind the large, untapped energy savings opportunities in commercial refrigeration, such as open and closed, self-contained, and remote condensing equipment found in grocery stores and representing 17 percent of commercial electricity use.
  • Launching the CEESM Compressed Air Systems Initiative and Compressed Air Audit Specification that addresses an industry-recognized market gap in compressed air system audit services to capture potential savings of as much as 41,000 GWh.

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