Fifteenth Year of Tracking the Industry Shows Continued Growth.

The Consortium for Energy Efficiency has released the 15th Annual Industry Report, which illustrates the budgets, expenditures, and impacts of the North American Energy Efficiency (EE) and Demand Response (DR) industry.

This report aggregates 2020 budget data and 2019 expenditure and impact data compared to previously reported figures. Some highlights include:

  • In 2019, combined spending on gas and electric Demand Side Management (DSM) programs across the United States and Canada totaled $9.3 billion from all sources and $8.7 billion from ratepayers. Industry expenditures increased by three percent compared to 2018 expenditures from all sources representing a six percent increase over the last five years
  • CEE member programs accounted for almost $6.5 billion, or about 70 percent, of these expenditures. 
  • US and Canadian DSM ratepayer-funded programs are estimated to have saved approximately 31,927 GWh of electricity and almost 500 million therms of gas in 2019, which represents 26.5 million metric tons of avoided CO2 emissions.

Investments in EE and DR continue to rise as stakeholders increasingly recognize multiple streams of benefit. Utilities have long understood the economic and environmental benefits of efficiency, but as numerous factors like Distributed Energy Resources and extreme weather events complicate grid stability, the advantages of EE and DR can become even more attractive.

About the CEE Annual Industry Report

Begun in 2006, the Annual Industry Report shows the momentum of the energy efficiency industry by measuring program size and impact. The report includes all CEE members and is collected in collaboration with the American Gas Association. The 2020 report reflects data for 332 utility and nonutility program administrators operating efficiency programs in all 50 US states, the District of Columbia, and 10 Canadian provinces. For more information, please contact Arlene Lanciani, Principal Program Manager.  

About CEE
CEE is an award-winning consortium of efficiency program administrators from the United States and Canada. Members work to unify program approaches across jurisdictions to increase the success of efficiency in markets. By joining forces at CEE, individual electric and gas efficiency programs are able to partner not only with each other, but also with other industries, trade associations, and government agencies. Working together, administrators leverage the effect of their ratepayer funding, exchange information on successful practices and, by doing so, achieve greater energy efficiency for the public good.

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