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The CEE Pump Systems Initiative seeks to realize the significant energy savings represented by pumps systems by accelerating the availability and installation of highly efficient pumps systems. It identifies three main strategies that program administrators can support to overcome existing market barriers: defining highly efficient pumps, market education, and a sustained focus on the holistic pump system. The Initiative includes a voluntary specification that defines the level of performance supportable by utility programs for highly efficient clean water pumps, which include the pumps in scope of the United States Department of Energy performance metric and test procedure defined in 2016, and the complementary Natural Resources Canada Amendment 16. CEE maintains a list of qualifying products that meet the requirements of this specification to support the Initiative. This list will be updated monthly.

The energy performance metrics for clean water pumps are one part of the overall evaluation of an efficient pump system and are only comparable within products of the same product configuration, DOE product category, nominal speed, and rated motor power. These metrics provide an estimate for the average comparable energy performance across a range of operating loads when similar pumps that meet the demand requirements have already been determined as part of a holistic system design.

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