CEE Integrated Home Product Directory Request

The CEESM Integrated Home Initiative supports CEE members’ efforts to manage towards new program objectives by providing Minimum Requirements for a suite of North American product specifications that deliver to the Initiative's four fundamental tenets: energy efficiency; load management and demand flexibility; consumer amenity; and security and privacy.

CEE maintains an Integrated Home Product Directory database to catalog products that comply with the Minimum Requirements. Products in the Residential Portfolio of Initiatives with connected specifications that have additional requirements as defined in Section 5.3 of the Initiative, such as the need for a modular port, are included based on those requirements. The Product Directory enables CEE members the ability to identify and promote products that comply with the CEESM Integrated Home Initiative. The Product Directory is updated on a quarterly basis.

Access to the CEE Integrated Home Product Directory is limited to those active members who contribute through annual membership dues to the Consortium. CEE Members may access the full CEE Integrated Home Product Directory here.

Additional rights of use may be administered on an individual license base, depending on the specific circumstances of those interested parties. Interested stakeholders may request access to the CEE Integrated Home Product Directory.

To request the CEE Integrated Home Product Directory, please fill out the form below with details about yourself, your organization, and your intended use for the list.

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