Program Performance Benchmarking

Benchmarking focuses on identifying best practices to enable continuous program improvement and enhanced impact. The CEE Board initiated a project in 2012 to assess the viability of making responsible comparisons of aspects of program performance. Results of the efforts to date have produced a benchmarking framework comprised of key indicators of program performance defined and normalized to account for differences in utility reporting practices.

2017 marked the completion of phase one of CEE Program Performance Benchmarking (PPB). This proof of concept phase involved the development and testing of an industry-informed framework that provides a systematic process for data collection and analysis. The result is a data resource that provides program administrators with a means to identify peers, compare respective programs, and better manage their programs in a rapidly changing world.



Program areas currently covered in the PPB framework include:
  • Electric residential prescriptive
  • Gas comprehensive home performance
  • C&I custom for electric and gas
  • C&I prescriptive for electric and gas

At this juncture in Program Performance Benchmarking, all members are invited to join. Enlarging the circle of participants increases the pool of data allowing for enhanced analysis, appropriate peer selection for comparison, and insights into program design.

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