Connect to Value

Vision for Connectivity The Consortium envisions a marketplace where both consumers and demand side managers connect to energy consuming devices through multiple pathways and open standards so that connection costs are minimized and choice for consumers and utilities is optimized. The committee strives to:

1. Establish binational consensus on specification requirements for connected products that yield consumer and utility benefits

2. Build a coalition to engage industry by speaking with a single voice on the collective needs of the DSM industry



Key components of the CEE connected strategy, illustrated below, are the connected principles for private and secure data, cooperation with relevant partners, selection of product categories, and the desired outcomes for utilities and customers.

Starting in 2012, members could see the high potential for connected devices to benefit customers, the grid, and the environment. Delivering efficiency and demand response at a specific time and place was well within the demand side management mission of CEE. With Consortium experience in developing specifications that meet utility requirements for products, systems, and structures, along with strong relationships with the manufacturers and stakeholders who make these products, CEE is uniquely poised to achieve its vision leading to new energy efficiency, demand response, and storage capability.

Translating Consensus Principles Into an IDSM Platform

Consortium consensus strategy for connected devices

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