Commercial Kitchen Fryers

The CEESM Commercial Kitchens Initiative was launched in 2005 to support clear and credible marketplace definitions of highly efficient energy and water performance in cooking, refrigeration, and sanitation equipment. Through this Initiative, CEE maintains specifications for nine commercial kitchen equipment categories. Over the years, CEE member programs, ENERGY STAR,® and industry have successfully worked together to advance the market for high efficiency commercial fryer equipment.

CEE has suspended the specification for commercial fryers as of October 18, 2017, as a review of publicly available performance data found no cost-effective basis for CEE to support an additional tier above ENERGY STAR in this market at this time. CEE intends to monitor this equipment category for future opportunities to differentiate highly efficient commercial fryers, particularly with respect to natural gas equipment.

You may still access the suspended specification or the qualifying products lists released in 2016:

Currently, CEE supports and references the ENERGY STAR commercial fryers and qualifying products list, which interested stakeholders can use to identify highly efficient equipment.

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