Members of the Consortium for Energy Efficiency leverage the ENERGY STAR® program. 

CEE Tiers and Energy Star















Tier descriptions 

CEE Advanced Tier

  • Reserved for stretch target
  • Truly exceptional, aspirational energy efficiency performance
  • Attracts early adopters
  • Ideally, two or more manufacturers 
  • Brings attention to top performers
  • Cost-effective in the future

CEE Tier 2/3

  • Tiers above ENERGY STAR® minimum when performance merits differentiated incentives
  • Typically three or more manufacturers in a category
  • Cost-effective for customer with incentive
  • Cost-effective for most market transformation programs

Tier 1

  • Cost-effective for programs when CEE Tier 1 aligns with ENERGY STAR®
  • Top 25% of models
  • Cost-effective for customer
  • Multiple manufacturers make product widely available 

Tier 0

  • A level with planned obsolescence. This could be at a specific date (e.g., when new federal minimum standards go into effect), or open to a point at which the Committee deems the specification no longer necessary (e.g., market saturation reaches a given level). 
  • Intended to enable program administrators the ability to obtain high product volume in order to meet their energy savings goals.  



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