Commercial DCKV FAQ

Why would my organization conduct field tests?

Demonstrating savings from commercial demand control kitchen ventilation systems (DCKV) gives customers a strong rationale for upgrading to a new system or installing a better system in new construction. Contributing to this effort helps build the market for DCKV systems.

Who can conduct and submit field tests?

Organizations with demonstrated experience conducting similar field tests and an understanding of commercial demand control kitchen ventilation systems (DCKV) can conduct field tests. Tests conducted by independent third-party organizations are preferred. Tests conducted by manufacturers are acceptable.

How can my organization get involved in testing?

Please contact CEE if you are interested in conducting field tests. We can help you get started by matching you with field testing partners.

What steps are you taking to ensure collection of consistent and credible field tests?

CEE has developed a Field Test Protocol that outlines how testing organizations should conduct field tests. When a new field test report is received, CEE members with expertise in commercial demand control kitchen ventilation (DCKV) systems or in field testing review the submission for adherence to the CEE Field Test Protocol. If at any time participants raise concerns, CEE would investigate, and, based on the results of the investigation, develop an appropriate plan.

How many field tests does CEE seek to collect?

We are looking for about 50 tests at a minimum, with at least six field tests per available demand control kitchen ventilation model, two tests in each of three different market segments. Across all systems combined, we seek three field tests from each of the five major climate zones defined in the test protocol.

Where can I access field test reports submitted to date?

CEE Field Test Reports



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