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CEE at a Glance Founded in 1991 | Program administrator members serving more than 50 million gas and 100 million electric customers | Influence national players—manufacturers, stakeholders, government agencies—to maximize the impact of programs | click for more

CEE is the US and Canadian consortium of gas and electric efficiency program administrators. We work together to accelerate the development and availability of energy efficient products and services for lasting public benefit.

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CEE Tiers

CEE tiers provide a nationally recognized definition of highly efficient products or services through the establishment of performance measurements that can be voluntarily adopted within a local efficiency program. The tiers signal performance valued by CEE members that is likely to warrant promotion with incentives in programs.
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"Evaluation isn’t just an accounting method. One of its long term goals is to improve programs."

Ed Vine, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

"What are customers going to do with a connected home device? We have to be just as engaged as the customer."

Jennifer Potter, Sacramento Municipal Utility District

"When you put your customer in the supply side equation, you start looking at them very differently."

Harlan Coomes, Principal Engineer, Sacramento Municipal Utility District

"The line between energy efficiency and demand response is blurring. CEE is a key entity enabling this market evolution, which provides value for consumers and utilities."

Robert Wilkins, Retired, Public Affairs, Danfoss

"Working closely with CEE on gas PACs is a great match. It brings together our equipment and application expertise with CEE market and program savvy. Together we can advance efficiency for our common efficiency program members."

Paul Armstrong, GTI

“Massachusetts set nationally leading savings goals. To meet these unprecedented goals, we overhauled our organization, doubled down on customer intelligence, and amplified stakeholder outreach.”

Penni McLean-Conner, Eversource Energy

"Steam traps are CFLs for natural gas efficiency programs.”

Hammad Chaudhry, Nicor Gas

"The most successful utilities in the future will provide the greatest value to their customers."

James Gallagher, New York State Smart Grid Consortium

"We have an opportunity to get connected right. CEE has the facilitated process to bring together program administrators, demand response personnel, and technical experts to develop the connected framework."

Kevin Bright, Duke Energy

“We’ll continue to do well in our second hundred years what we’ve done in our first hundred years: deliver water and power reliably.”

Nancy Sutley, LADWP

“For twenty years we’ve failed to put ourselves out of business. Emerging technologies contribute significantly to the future of energy efficiency.”

Jim Parks, Sacramento Municipal Utility District

“Collaboration among utilities made it possible for us to implement SEM. In this case, one plus one is three or four."

Ed Kriz, Nicor Gas

Presenting personalized energy solutions is very complex to execute, but it should be very simple for customers. It matters to customers that we have a program that lets them save energy at peak and earn credits on their bills.”

Heather Anderson, Baltimore Gas and Electric Company

“We’re changing from a widget perspective to a broader perspective with greater social benefits. Bringing energy efficiency and demand response together helps define the value utilities offer to the customer.”

Richard Génecé, Bonneville Power Administration

"It's been great to have these resources at our disposal, especially as we design and launch new programs."

Mike McNally DTE Energy Company

“Energy efficiency is the gateway to the energy management journey.”

Nicola Forster, Pacific Gas and Electric Company

“We need to reach the fruit at the top of the ladder for our largest, most engaged customers so we can help them maintain their interest in energy management. SEM with EMIS has been the answer.”

Greg Baker, Efficiency Vermont

“Home energy controls alone don’t create energy savings, but energy efficiency programs can help motivate customers to use those devices to save energy.”

Bruce Grossman, South Jersey Gas

“Imagine a future where a standard data framework for a connected condensing boiler can help us better understand how efficiently the boiler is operating, and help our customers realize its full potential.”

Peter Klint, Eversource

“Fifteen minute interval data means a leap from 12 data points a year to over 35 thousand for most electricity customers. Data granularity reveals patterns of consumption.”

Rick Meinking, Efficiency Maine

“If I put a communicating thermostat on the wall, it may be less cost-effective from an energy efficiency perspective, but provides additional value through demand response. We need to get out in front.”

Derek Kirchner, DTE

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Influencing Markets. CEE works with industry to bring efficient products to market.

 Social sciences inform behavioral energy efficiency programs

CEE salutes members throughout the United States and Canada, including NEEA, Avista, Georgia Power, Snohomish County PUD, and South Jersey Gas

CEE salutes members throughout the United States and Canada, including NRDC, Atmos Energy, ComEd, Seattle City Light, and Gulf Power

CEE salutes members including Berkshire Gas, Berkeley Lab, Consumers Energy, SMUD, and Alliant Energy

CEE salutes members across the United States and Canada, including Ameren Illinois, NEEP, NB Power, and New Mexico Gas Company.

CEE salutes members across the United States and Canada, including Duke Energy, NYSERDA, and DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU)/

CEE salutes members across the United States and Canada, including Wisconsin Focus on Energy, Energy Trust of Oregon, Southwest Gas, Southern California Edison, and Union Gas.

CEE salutes members across the United States and Canada, including Vectren, Xcel Energy, New Jersey Natural Gas, Tampa Electric, and Tacoma Power.

CEE salutes members across the United States and Canada, including Vermont Gas, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency, ACEEE, and Austin Energy.

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