2017 Audited FInancials

CEE is a 501(c)3 nonprofit founded by utilities and key stakeholders and shaped by 28 years of applied program and market experience. The Consortium exists to address priorities shared by ratepayer-funded utility programs that require a market-wide approach. Working together through a facilitated process, members identify and voluntarily adopt strategies that accelerate the availability and uptake of efficient products and systems for the benefit of programs, ratepayers, and society at large.


Statement of Financial Position
Assets THOUSANDS Liabilities and net assets THOUSANDS
Cash and investments $1,845 Current liabilities $558
Government grants and memberships receivable $290 Long-term liabilities $50
Fixed assets, net of depreciation $10 Unrestricted net assets $1,402
Other assets $115 Temporarily restricted net assets $250
Total assets $2,260 Total liabilities and net assets $2,260


Statement of Activities

Revenue and support from operations THOUSANDS Operating expense THOUSANDS
Membership dues and government grants $2,868    
Net assets released from restrictions $475 Program $2,722
Other income $69 Administration $987
Total revenue and support from operations $3,412 Total operating expenses $3,709
      Nonoperating activities THOUSANDS
      Increase (decrease) in net assets from operations $-297
    Unrealized gain on investments $8
    Total increase (decrease) in net assets $-289
    Net assets, beginning of year $1,691
    Net assets, end of year $1,402

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