2018 Integrated Energy Management

Advancements in technology and the proven success of Strategic Energy Management (SEM) programs are enabling a shift in the energy efficiency program landscape from predominantly widget replacement programs to whole facility energy management. The CEE SEM and Commercial Whole Building Performance Committees work to cost-effectively scale SEM specifying technical and organizational characteristics essential to success.. By cataloging success stories and highlighting necessary conditions, we believe an ever broader set of commercial and industrial customers can benefit.

In support of the SEM and Whole Building Performance work, CEE collected data for an updated SEM Program Summary and separate Program Overviews of meter-based whole building energy management programs. Common program and market barriers identified between these two work areas lead to the development of the CEE C&I Integrated Energy Management Platform, which draws on program administrator experience with SEM to enable a broader group of commercial and industrial customers to engage with program administrators to achieve deeper energy savings from effective monitoring and management of operations, maintenance, behavior, and, in some cases, capital measures. A key part of this platform is meeting customers where they are in terms of commitment to energy management and preference for program engagement,  in part through support for the advancement of connected systems and associated automation, which are beginning to be incorporated in existing CEE product-focused Initiatives.

Aligned with the C&I Integrated Energy Management Platform, and to extend the import of SEM and other whole building program models, CEE is leveraging long-standing relationships with the HVAC, lighting, and other industries to specify energy performance and connected functionalities with resulting customer and grid-side benefits. In 2018 this included exploring opportunities to leverage the variable capacity capabilities of commercial air-conditioning and heat pump equipment and lighting controls and sensors.  

Additional C&I accomplishments include:

  • Adopted enhancements to the CEE High Efficiency Commercial Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps Initiative to provide programs a route to capturing the 8.3 quads of national energy savings that is achievable beyond the new standards
  • Updated the Commercial Lighting Initiative to continue to providing clear and credible marketplace definitions for energy efficient replacement lamps operable on existing T8 ballasts. Replacing a lamp of baseline efficiency with one qualifying for a CEE tier offers energy savings gains of 13 to 53 percent.





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