2018 Emerging Technologies Collaborative

The Emerging Technologies Collaborative (ETC) is a group of dedicated Emerging Opportunities (EO) program managers who work together to accelerate program and market consideration of EOs that meet the criteria for compelling program and customer adoption. Leveraging the infrastructure, processes, and trusted relationships built since 2011, in 2018, the ETC:

  • Maintained a Catalog of Emerging Opportunities Assessments that includes over 1200 assessments from 25 CEE member organizations who serve over 60 million electric customers and 30 million gas customers in the United States and Canada.
  • Refined the scope, definition, and ratings of potential emerging opportunities to enhance the confidence of participating experts in the relative ratings of each opportunity and identify those of highest interest.
  • Investigated the following high interest emerging opportunities to document the basis for investing in those opportunities:
    • multifamily central gas and electric heat pump water heater systems,
    • networked lighting controls with forward-looking features,
    • nonresidential customer-sited energy storage,
    • emerging aspects of residential air-source heat pumps (ASHPs), and
    • residential individual load information tools.

Recommendations related to ASHPs were adopted by the Residential HVAC Committee, and all explorations are continuing in 2019.


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