2018 Leadership Message


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CEE is a consortium of investor owned utilities, national labs, qualified NGO’s, municipal utility, state agencies and programs, and supportive federal agencies.  The CEE members are responsible for approximately $7 billion of the $9 billion budgeted annually for demand side investment in the US and Canada.  Through voluntary CEE market transformation initiatives, members amplify impact and advance availability of super efficient products and services.   Working together in partnership with key industries, Consortium members are seizing on the opportunity to provide unprecedented levels of utility system benefit.

We are delighted to highlight strategic developments for the industry that include the CEE Integrated Home, CEE Automated Energy Management, Emerging Technologies Collaborative and the Program Performance Benchmarking Project among the many other CEE US and Canadian Initiatives supported. We hope you find the work of the Consortium valuable and inspiring.

Ed W“Utilities have a narrowing window of opportunity to specify beneficial product capabilities they wish engineered into the digital products and efficient energy systems of tomorrow. To do so, the Program Industry is specifying shared need in two major IDSM Platforms, the CEE Integrated Home and CEE’s Automated Energy Management effort.”  

Ed Wisniewski, Executive Director

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